Mark has two other professional websites, each one pointing to a different aspect of his life. This one - magicofsoul - exists as a bridge between the other two.

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"A priest like no other!" Cherie Blair


"Amazing and Inspirational!" Uri Geller


"Wonderful and heart warming" Brian Viner, The Independent


"Master of the short story"  Barbara Erskine


 "A priest for our times"  Dr. Matthew Fox 


"A magical experience that reaches heart and soul!" Jeff McBride


  "His work is truly a work of grace" Donald Reeves


"A priest at the edge" Rev. Peter Owen Jones


"One who lives and thinks outside the box" Bp. John Shelby Spong


"The world needs people like Mark more than ever" Ian Lawton'

"Brings wonder back to life" Eugene Burger


"Humility, humour, and warm humanity!" Fr. Richard Rohr


"Extraordinary and Inspiring!" Philip Carr-Gomm


"Beautiful world class magic!" Romany - Diva of Magic


"You'll be amazed, mystified and delighted!" Bill Wiggin MP