"Mark Townsend is amazing, his presentations and performances are inspirational and I find them to be a highly spiritual form of entertainment." Uri Geller

"Mark Townsend is a wonderful magician, not least because he is such an appealing human-being. As a vicar his parishioners thought the world of him, and his magic is somehow infused with the same calm, caring, spiritual quality that enhanced his Ministry." Brian Viner, The Independent

"Mark creates a magical experience that reacheds the heart and soul." Jeff McBride - McBrides Magic and Mystery School Las Vegas  

'Mark's style of magic is concerned with bringing wonder back to life. He combines his own priestly traditions with magical effects and ancient myth and metaphors, thus creating performances that touch people deeply." Eugene Burger 

'Wizards are very much into the proper blending of things, making new creations that lead to old wisdoms, finding new awakening in ancient endeavours. Mark Townsend is such alchemy. Mark is both a Magician and a Priest, but don't let that frighten you away. Mark has the unusual drive to find the mysterious in Christianity and to combine both worlds to make a more universal spirituality. His work is unlike the common trend of modern clergy and Church. Mark envisions a personal spiritual evolvement with wonder, the miraculous as a natural part of daily life".  Kenton Knepper - Wizard, Lama and Mark's Teacher 

"Who says being spiritual means having no sense of humour" Mark has combined his talents to make faith alive and relevant!" Pam Rhodes - Songs of Praise Presenter

"The magician is always saying 'things are not what they seem!' One wonders, therefore, why more spiritual teachers do not use magic and storytelling to communicate Gospel mysteries and paradoxes! Fr. Mark does it well-with humility, humour, and warm humanity." Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M.

'Although I had never met Mark, I found his writing inspiring and so invited him to give a presentation at our annual party at Glastonbury. I'm so pleased I trusted my intuition becuase he created the perfect end to an afternoon of lectures. He was able to involve the audience, making them laugh and experience the kind of astonishment that opens the doors of perception. Mark has discovered how to use illusion to break down the veil of illusion - and that's extraordinary and inspiring!" Philip Carr-Gomm - Chief, Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

'Mark is a performer of beautiful world class magic!" Romany - The Original Diva of Magic

"Magic is often used as a tool of scepticism. It's refreshing that Mark's use of it shows quite different implications" Dr. Rupert Sheldrake - Biologist and Author

"Mark Townsend has wonderful gifts - with his charm, magic and spiritual understanding, any performance by Mark is uplifting. Mark thrills his audience and leaves them with a sense of well being and satisfaction. He is dynamic, and has an empathy which transcends age groups and gives him the ability to communicate to any person. I have no hesitation, recommending him to you - what ever you ask of him, you will be amazed, mystified and most of all delighted!" Bill Wiggin MP - Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries House of Commons

"Mark loves to give his audience a totally enthralling experience and puts his heart into everything he does, be that as an author, performer or just in the way he lives. He's one of the good guys!"  Graham Hey - Magicseen

"Mark's Magic appeals not only to the eye, but also to the soul, I love his magic, it brings out the child from within, that lays dormant in all of us, SIMPLY WONDERFUL!" Mike Danata - Magician / Singer

"I so enjoyed interviewing Mark on http://www.myspiritradio.com/. His wonderful mix of magic and spirituality shines like an inspirational beacon to all, encouraging everyone to let go of their fear of change. His courage leads the way towards new beginnings, reminding us of the magic of life itself!" June-Elleni Laine - Pyschic Artist and Author

"There is something quite magic about Mark. Something about the combination of priest and trickster that sets curiosity alight. His job is to make us question and in this, he admirably succeeds, whether it is with bits of paper, coins, cards or his incredible psychic guessing games. A magician who leaves you puzzled and delighted; and a master of manipulation with an added spiritual dimension." Andrew Fusek Peters - Author, Storyteller, Poet

'Rev Mark Townsend is a special and needed kind of priest for our times, one who can connect to the earth-based traditions of old while encouraging deep ecumenism from within our own spiritual lineage, one who can play with magic and play with mystery, awakening spiritual unselfconsciousness in us all.  We need the mystical awakening he brings alive across many artificial boundaries.' Dr. Matthew Fox

'Mark Townsend is a priest at the edge! The place where new ideas and new understandings are formed is always at the edge. It is a place that institutions, because they demand conformity to the institution, cannot go. But it is always there, out on the edges that new thinking, new imaginings, new dreams happen.' Revd. Peter Owen-Jones

'It has been good for me to converse with Mark Townsend, and recognize a fellow explorer of the boundaries, questioner of the powers that be, disturber of the so-called peace, payer of the price for such a ministry.  Let him help you keep in touch with 'magic' and 'mystery' and discover it within yourself, especially if you are a seeker at a time when inherited forms of faith are losing their power to connect.'
Revd. Jim Cotter