Mark offers a variety of magical experiences for Churches, Temples, Groves and other faith-based Organisations

Diocesan Conventions:

Within the context of Diocesan Conventions, Mark has been used both as a workshop leader and as the guest speaker / entertainer for the final evening's celebrations.

As Revd. Brain Senior, organiser of the Rochester Diocesan Convention said:
"Mark Townsend does not disappoint. We booked him for the Rochester Diocesan Conference, and he kept the audience riveted after a full day of seminars, Bible teaching and worship. He really does have the capacity to awaken a child-like sense of wonder. I'm glad to recommend him as someone who can offer high-quality entertainment - and a really nice guy!"

Other Church events:

Mark has entertained at 'faith gatherings' of over 2,500 people (Greenbelt etc.) but is equally happy to be invited to smaller events, whether it be a church fund raiser or a social evening etc.

One particular passion of Mark's is smaller home group size events where his magic can be used as a gentle and evocative opener to deeper discussions on all matters of faith and spirituality. These can be for clergy chapters, who fancy something a little different, or Alpha style meal and discussion evenings.

Church School Events, Catherdral Workshops and Special Services:

Mark has considerable experience of working within the context of special all-age services etc. He was a major player within the Hereford Catherdral Workshops, which saw thousands of school children visit their mother church on an interactive fun day of magci, mystery and faith. He has been part of similar events in other large churches and cathedrals, such a Wells, and is signed up for Chester later in the year.

Mark is happy to accept inviations to speak / lead / perform at regular sunday services too, where he can offer anything from a magic based all age sermon to a full blown 'Magic with Meaning' show.