Why not invite Mark to bring a little magic to your school or college?

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Mark has had extensive experience of working with school children and young people of all age groups. He offers a variety of magical encounters ranging from 'Wizard Schools', for the primary end, to 'Motivational Workshops', for secondary leavers etc.


From former Diocesan Direction of Education for the Diocese of Hereford:
"It is a memorable experience of graciousness to have Mark as part of any act of worship in school or church. A combination of who he is and his magician's skills awaken half-forgotten yearnings for a better world in which all value and cherish the good and the God in each other. In or out of worship, in church or school, pub or club, Mark's magic delights the spirit and engages heart as well as mind. All ages need this. But, in times of some negativity and cynicism amongst teenagers, his magic and his personal integrity together enable young people to re-connect to their intrinsic value. But ~ don't take my word, invite him, and see for yourself!"
Revd. Ian Terry - Chaplain of St Edmund's School, Canterbury

"Mark has a wining way with young people. Through his magic he enables them to look at the mystery of life and begin to frame the kinds of questions that lead us all on our path to discover our identity and explore our relationship with the world. He will enchant, inspire and add that special something that there are no words to describe."
L. Munn – teacher of performing arts

"Mark gave a truly spellbinding performance, and managed to instil a sense of wonder and awe. He had my year 11s in the palm of his hand so much so that they still don’t know how he did it!"
Arthur Short. Lacon Childe School, Cleobury Mortimer

From a 'Wizard School' held at St. Anne's C E Primary School, Bewdley:
"As Mark worked with our children we saw joy, curiosity, laughter, fun and a pride in what they discovered and achieved."
Rev.d Keith James

For Secondary Schools, Sixth Forms and Colleges:

Mark offers hour long performances that have young people on the edge of their seats. He uses magic and illusion, not as a way to place himself above his audiences but to bring the sense of magic and enchantment right down from the stage into their own minds and imaginations. His passion is not be a visiting star, but to remind all those who attend that they are stars – indeed, that they are magicians. Thus they leave the auditorium with a deep appreciation of mystery, wonder and awe, and often also a renewed sense of the positivity and sheer beauty of life itself.

Mark is able to tailor make his performances to fit into any theme the school or college may be working on at that point in time, or he can make suggestions for a theme. For example:

Follow your Dreams
Be the YOU you are
Learn from your Mistakes / Failures
Believe in Yourself
Don’t Rush Life! Slow down and re-discover the magic of NOW!

While Mark does not push his faith, spirituality and religion is also a theme is he very happy to use, should it be requested.

Mark's performances can be within the context of a whole school assembly or a year group gathering. They can also be to smaller individual classes, where there is the opportunity for informal [post-performance] discussion.’ In the past these have been extremely productive for the magical illusions often have the effects of triggering the whole wondering / questions process, so Mark is never surprised when teenagers open up with huge questions about life, death, meaning and everything.

For Infant and Primary Schools:

Mark Offers magical school assemblies with a chosen theme. Again he is happy to make his performances fit any particular theme the school may be working on, be it form the religious calendar or not.

Also for this younger age group Mark offers Wizard Schools.

What is a Wizard School?

• A four week ‘course’ in the skills and theory of magic and wizardry, tailored to suit all ages, with the opportunity to continue with a (weekly or bi-weekly) meeting as a member of a School Magic Club.

• Each week the children learn a different aspect of Wizardry (a secret perhaps or part of the ‘Wizard Code’) and a trick from one of the main genre’s of magic (i.e. Cards, Cups and Balls, Mind Magic etc.).

• Each child is given a ‘Wizard Journal’ which they will be able to attach their ‘Wizard Code’, various rules and instructions from the sessions, and other bits of useful information / notes etc.

• Each child will be given some real tricks, and be properly taught how to perform them.

• On the final session the children will be issued with a Certificate of Wizardry and their journals signed to say they have entered the realm of the '(School name) Wizards'.


• Self confidence, Creativity, Enchantment, Realization of the own inner magic