Retreats and Quiet Days where Mark uses magic as a tool for spiritual growth.

‘Life is too important to be wasted in yearning to be rich, famous, good looking, popular, or pretty, or in dreading being poor, unknown, ignored, or ugly. These things become unimportant, as though they were pebbles alongside a dazzling diamond. You – your true self – have always been and will always be a diamond.’
Anthony de Mello - Walking on Water, Columba Press, 1998.

Mark’s book, The Gospel of Falling Down: the beauty of failure in an age of success, forms the heart of his retreats and quiet days.
We are all easily enthralled by success but Mark challenges his clients to recognise their true giftedness, as he believes Jesus did, in the opposite direction. As he says: ‘We often feel that climbing the so-called ‘ladder of perfection’ is what faith is about, but in reality it is in falling from that ladder that we discover our greatest gift - which is the magic of our truest Self.’

Mark’s retreat has enabled many people to recover a long lost sense of their own inner value and beauty, often through the cracks in their lives. His spiritually open nature comes through in all his talks, writings and workshops. He describes himself as a Christian with an Earth Based heart and his work is relevant to people of all faiths and beliefs.

‘Your essence itself knows already all there is to know. It understands and already is more than anyone can speak of. Already, in your potential, you surpass the wise sayings of any guru, enlightened one, or prophet. These people can startle, provoke or point you towards your essence, but they must then back away, and shade their eyes – for your essence outshines them.’
Simon Parke – The Beautiful Life, Bloomsbury, 2007