Magical evenings brought to your home, where invited guests can be astonished by magic and led into deep and rewarding discussions about life, meaning and everything.

Why not invite Mark to your own home or other private location for a more intimate evening of magic and synchronicity for you and your guests?

Over the years Mark has discovered that magical illusions have an amazing ability to quieten the over analytical mind (the left-brain hemisphere) and naturally place us in a more (right-brain) intuitive and open frame of mind, where wonder is brought back to life and the impossible is made possible.

Should you hold such a gathering do not be surprised if you find it hard to distinguish which parts are illusion and which are natural encounters of the magic of synchronciity. Mark firmly believes that the enchantment of illuionary magic opens us to deeper levels of experience... as if we momentarily step through a Narnian Wardrobe into new world, only to return with a renewed sense of the magic of life!

Such evenings often naturally progress to deep and profound discussions. Do not be frightened by this. Mark's gentle and authentic manner never forces discussions or suggests that certain expressed opinions are right and others wrong. Any conversations that occur, do so naturally and sensitively.

Mark has found that the best way to fund such evenings is to simply ask each participant for a suggested donation. Please contact mark directly for further information.

'It was an evening that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Mark's unique way of using magic to explore ways of looking at the world proved both entertaining and thought-provoking. The consensus was that we would like to do it again!' Wendy Ellyatt